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Why Choose Milwaukee?

Headshot of Isral Debruin, a Teach For America - Milwaukee alumnus.
Isral Debruin (Milwaukee '10)

From the beginning, Milwaukee’s corps culture has been about making this place home. As a result, a lot of people choose to stick around after their two-year commitment and make Milwaukee the place where they continue to fight for justice. That has created a strong alumni community that is making a continued impact for kids at every level.

A young Asian American woman standing in front of a chalkboard.
Djae Borja (Milwaukee '14)

I love the opportunities here in Milwaukee. It is a city that surprises me with new things to do with down to earth people. It's the people and the energy that make Milwaukee a great place to be...The corps culture is open minded, innovative, creative, and most importantly, accepting in diverse conversations that push one's own thinking in the work of education.

A young African American woman wearing a pink dress and sitting by a pond.
Tianna McCullough (Milwaukee '09)

Teaching and leading in Milwaukee positions you towards opportunities to make an impact in the lives of students and families who are most in need of a quality education. The city needs great thinkers and leaders to make it a premier city for ALL people. Statistics show that our city is failing in many critical areas; we need great people to lead the charge as we have nowhere to go but up.

What You Need to Know


Salaries range from $30,000 - $41,000.




Marquette University, Cardinal Stritch University, Alverno College


Two years

Becoming Certified to Teach

  • Overview
  • University Partners & Enrollment
  • Certification Costs

What is does the graduate teaching certification program look like?

Through TFA Milwaukee's partnerships with 3 accredited universities in the Milwaukee area, all  previously uncertified TFA corps members enroll in a 2-year certification program so they are on track to obtaining their teaching certification by the end of their corps commitment. You will work towards your certification while teaching and have the option of working towards a master’s degree. 

Who needs to enroll in a graduate teaching certification program?

All previously uncertified corps members will enroll in a 2-year teaching certification program through our partner universities for a reduced price. The state of Wisconsin permits uncertified teachers to teach in a classroom so long as they are earning credits towards certification through an educator preparation program. 

If you do have a teaching certification, you have the option of enrolling in a Master's Program through our partner university based on your teaching area, but will need to work directly with the university admissions' office to determine your course load and track. 

Our three partners are listed below. Your university enrollment will depend on your school placement. Please note, your placement (and therefore your university) is not final until you have been hired by a school partner.

 License Area

University Partner* 

High school - English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish,  Middle School 

Marquette University 

Special Education, Early Childhood, Bilingual

Cardinal Stritch University

Elementary, Middle School

Alverno College


*We are in the midst of negotiating our partnership with each of the above three schools. We will prioritize sharing any changes to the current partnerships, likely by the end of January 2018.


What does the enrollment process look like?

The only enrollment step you must complete is to register and pass your required Praxis test. More information about testing can be found on our corps member onboarding site. You will not need to initiate applications to any of our university partners. 

In the late Spring of 2017, the Onboarding Team will launch the enrollment process and  work with you and your admission's office to make sure all of your file information and materials are inputted into the university database. Once along all the necessary file information and materials are submitted, you will be formally enrolled in the university and provided with information on your financial aid package, course registration, etc. Keep an eye out for updates in the bi-weekly email blasts as we get closer to the Spring!

Should I be doing anything to prepare for certification and enrollment in the meantime?

Just be sure to register for and pass your Praxis Core and Praxis II exams before June 1st! As the Praxis exams are pre-requisites to your university enrollment and certification, you will need to have passed both exams before arriving at Induction. We also highly recommend that you complete your 2017-2018 FAFSA to ensure you are eligible for a financial aid package from your university.
Other than the Praxis exams and FAFSA, you will not need to worry about any other enrollment preparations until you receive specific instructions from the Onboarding Team.

How much does tuition cost, and how do corps members pay for tuition?  

Your cost for certification will range from $13,000 to $14,000. If you are eligible, you can apply your AmeriCorps award to your program tuition. You also have the option of receiving your Master's of Educational Leadership degree from one of our university partners. 

Corps members will be responsible for financing their certification program. Each of our partner programs provides financial aid packets for all of their students, which they will discuss during the beginning of the year orientation.

Here is a tentative estimate of Certification program costs over the entire 2 year program (please note that these estimates are not final):


Certification Cost

Certification Cost + Master's Degree (Optional)

Marquette University



Cardinal Stritch University

$12,800-$16,500 (dependent on teaching area) 

$17,800-$19,000 (dependent on teaching area)

Alverno College



Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Early Childhood (grades K4-K5)
  • Elementary (grades 1-8)
  • High School English
  • High School Math
  • High School Science
  • High School Spanish
  • Special Education (grades K-12)

Neighborhood Highlight

Alumni Spotlights

Milwaukee 2011
Student at The Montessori Institute of Milwaukee
"There are so many amazing organizations that frequently team up to improve the lives and educations of the children in our city. TFA Milwaukee partners with many to connect corps members with those organizations. Even though we have public, charter, and choice schools in our city, there is lots of cross-sector collaboration between teachers and administrators from schools across the city."
Milwaukee 2013
Educator, Milwaukee Public Schools
"Milwaukee really comes together in regards to the educational future of our scholars. I’ve had the pleasure of working at a school that was able to utilize the cooperation of public and private educational sectors, the corporate sectors, non-profit organizations and the compassion of the community, through volunteerism, to contribute to the educational success of the scholars. We have a fundamental understanding that when kids win we all win."

Regional Expenses

Monthly Salary

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What's Left Over
Ongoing Certification Costs
You may be able to offset ongoing certification costs with an AmeriCorps education award. Learn more.
One Time Summer Start Up Costs
Estimated Start Up and Certification Costs